Travel Information

Local Airports

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is the closest airport. Located in the city of Richmond, it is a quick trip by SkyTrain or taxi to the conference venue in downtown Vancouver.

Seattle International Airport (SEA) is also an option. Located in nearby Seattle, USA, travellers can take a coach line bus across the Canada-USA border and into downtown Vancouver in about 3.5 hours. Several private companies offer this service. Quick Shuttle is one of the most popular.

Getting from YVR Airport to the Conference Venue

By Taxi

Taxi service at YVR is plentiful. Cost to downtown is a fixed $36 and journey time is about 35 minutes. This may be “a bit” longer during rush hours.

By SkyTrain (Canada Line SkyTrain)

The Vancouver Airport SkyTrain is an easy, affordable transit between YVR and Downtown Vancouver. (*Trains have space for rolling suitcases.)

From YVR, you can take the SkyTrain to Waterfront Station (final stop, 601 W Cordova St, Vancouver). Downtown hotels are easily accessible from there or you may need to take a short bus ride, depending on location.

Domestic Arrivals (flights arriving from within Canada) – Go up to Level 3, then walk towards the International Terminal. About halfway there, you will see the Link Building. Look for signs “Canada Line” and go up the escalator (or elevator) to Level 4 where there is a covered walkway to the SkyTrain Station.

International Arrivals (flights arriving from USA and International) – Make your way up to Level 3 and then outside where you will see the covered walkway across the street to the Canada Line Station (Note: If it’s raining, you may prefer to stay indoors and walk an extra couple minutes to the Link Building and access the SkyTrain as described above for Domestic arrivals.)

Tickets and Pricing
You’ll find SkyTrain Ticket Machines on all Canada Line station platforms. They accept cash, credit cards and debit/ATM cards.

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YVR to downtown Vancouver is a  two-zone ticket ($4.00) + YVR AddFare ($5.00) = $9.00 total.

After 6:30 p.m. and on weekends the cost of travel across all zones is reduced to $2.75, but you will still need to pay the AddFare ($2.75+$5.00=$7.75 total). Note that the AddFare only applies for travel from the airport, not when you return.

SkyTrain service begins at 05:08 with the last train at night at 00:57. Trains run once every 6 to 7 minutes throughout the day and evening, and every 20 minutes during late-night hours.

It takes about 25 minutes from YVR to Waterfront Station in downtown Vancouver.

Getting back to the YVR Airport

From Waterfront Station in downtown Vancouver take the Canada Line Skytrain south towards YVR/Richmond. The train alternates final destinations between Vancouver Airport and Richmond, therefore make sure you board a Skytrain that is designated “YVR Airport.”

Purchase a 2 zone ticket for $4.00 ($2.75 after 6:30pm and on weekends). There is no need to pay the YVR AddFare.

You can also take a taxi to the airport. Metered fares run around $35.

Getting Around the City

Downtown Vancouver is very pedestrian and bike friendly if you wish to explore areas around the conference venues. Public transit is also easily accessible and includes, buses, SkyTrain and the SeaBus to North Vancouver.